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Arizona Medical Center accepts several types of insurance. Unexpected medical expenses can become costly, particularly if an emergency medical situation arises for you or your loved ones. It is important to make sure that you are insured in the event of an emergency. We have provided a list of all insurance providers that we accept…

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About Us – Arizona Medical Center

Welcome to Arizona Medical Center: Your Path to Health and Wellness

The Arizona Medical Center in Yuma, Arizona, opened in 2006. Since that time, the practice of medicine has evolved, due to new treatments, procedures, and surgeries. Unnecessary regulations, paperwork, insurance and bureaucratic delays burden basic life-saving medicine. You may experience a situation whereby the medical clinic you’ve visited for years has been taken over by big hospitals or organizations due to increased regulations. When big businesses take over your doctor’s office, they dictate everything. This includes same-day appointments, time spent with the patient, and so on. We focus on patient care and a good outcome.

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In our opinion, the relationship between primary care doctor and patient does not “change.” Rather, it “grows” as we journey through life together. Working for amazing people, our patients, some for more than a decade, is a privilege. We believe in putting medical science through a practical sense filter on an individualized basis. By doing this, we can provide advice and prevent illness. We can help our patients heal when illness occurs. We can also provide comfort when a recovery cannot be achieved.

Explore Our Comprehensive Services

Discover a world of healthcare excellence at Arizona Medical Center. As the best medical center in Arizona, we take pride in offering top-notch medical care for individuals and families alike. Our dedicated team of medical professionals is here to provide you with the finest medical care possible. Whether you seek preventive care, or specialised treatments, we’ve got you covered.

Ensuring Your Peace of Mind:

Medical expenses should never stand in the way of your health. Arizona Medical Center accepts a wide range of insurance plans, including those from Yuma healthcare services providers. We understand the importance of financial preparedness for unexpected medical situations. View the list of our accepted insurance providers, including Yuma medical center insurance, to ensure you’re covered when you need it most. See Our Accepted Insurance Providers

Insurance Providers List:

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Multiplan
  • Medicare Part B
  • Railroad Medicare
  • Humana
  • Summit
  • Tricare
  • Aflac
  • American Association Of Retired Persons
  • Mutual Of Omaha
  • United Medical Resources
  • Ameriben
  • Manhattan Life
  • Gilsbar
  • Mail handlers
  • Western Growers Assurance Trust
  • Veterans Choice
  • Aetna
  • Geha
  • Reserve National
  • University Family Care
  • United Health Care Community Plan
  • Evercare Select
  • Cenpatico Integrated
  • Royal Neighbors
  • Columbian Mutual Life
  • Sentinel Plan
  • Greatwest
  • Allwell
  • Arizona Complete Health
  • Health Net

Preserving the Essence of Care Amidst Change:

Founded in 2006, Arizona Medical Center has been a beacon of healthcare excellence in Yuma, Arizona. Over the years, the practice of medicine has evolved, introducing complexities, regulations, and corporate takeovers that have transformed the patient experience. Unlike many, we remain a family medical center, untouched by corporate mandates, and we prioritise your well-being above all else.

Why Choose Arizona Medical Centre?

Excellence in Healthcare: We stand as a beacon of excellence in the heart of Arizona. Our commitment to delivering top-notch medical care is unwavering. You’re not just a patient for us; you’re a valued member of our healthcare family as we provide professional and top notch medical care services to you.

Your Family’s Health, Our Priority: We understand the importance of family well-being. That’s why we offer specialised family medical care, tailored to the unique needs of every member of your household. Trust us to be your healthcare partner through every stage of life. 

Your Community’s Partner in Wellness: As an integral part of the internal medicine clinic Yuma community, we take pride in being your trusted partner in wellness. Our ties to the local community run deep, and our commitment to your health is unwavering. Your well-being is our shared responsibility. 

Personalized Care from Dedicated Professionals: Our team of dedicated healthcare professionals is here to provide you with personalized care. We believe in a holistic approach, tailoring medical solutions to your individual needs, ensuring you receive the attention and treatment you deserve. 

Immediate Attention When You Need It: Medical emergencies don’t wait, and neither do we. Our internal medicine clinic in Yuma is your go-to destination for same day appointments to non-life-threatening conditions. Rest assured, we’re here for you, ready to provide prompt and professional care. 

Elevate Your Health with Our Expertise: At Arizona Medical Center, we’re not just healthcare providers; we’re healthcare partners. We’re committed to elevating your health by leveraging our expertise and the latest advancements in medical science. Your health goals become our shared mission. 

Your Health, Our Priority:.Our dedicated medical team is here to guide you on your health journey. We believe in the enduring doctor-patient relationship, where care doesn’t just “change”; it “grows” as we navigate life’s challenges together. 

When you choose Arizona Medical Center, you’re choosing more than just a healthcare provider; you’re choosing a healthcare family dedicated to your well-being. Experience healthcare excellence that transcends the ordinary. Your health deserves nothing less.

Ready to Begin Your Health Journey?

For any queries or to embark on your healthcare journey with us, please do not hesitate to get in touch today. At Arizona Medical Center, we are your trusted source for top medical care in Arizona, and your well-being is our priority. Choose us as your Yuma primary care physicians and experience healthcare excellence at its finest.


What services does Arizona Medical Center offer? 

At Arizona Medical Center, we offer a comprehensive range of medical services, including preventive care, specialised treatments, same day non emergency services, and more. Our dedicated team of medical professionals is here to cater to your unique healthcare needs. 

How can I schedule an appointment? 

Scheduling an appointment at Arizona Medical Center is easy. You can book your appointment by calling our dedicated appointment line, using our online booking system, or visiting our clinic in person. We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your busy life. 

Is Arizona Medical Center currently accepting new patients? 

Yes, we welcome new patients to our medical centre with open arms. Whether you’re looking for a primary care physician or specialised medical care, our team is ready to provide you with the high-quality healthcare you deserve. 

Do you provide walk-in clinic services? 

Absolutely, we understand that medical needs can arise unexpectedly. That’s why we offer Yuma walk-in clinic services for those times when immediate medical attention is required. You can rely on us for prompt and professional care. 

What insurance plans do you accept? 

Arizona Medical Center accepts a wide range of insurance plans to ensure that you have peace of mind when it comes to your healthcare expenses. Please refer to our list of accepted insurance providers on our website or contact us directly for more information. 

Are there specialized services for families? 

Yes, we offer specialized healthcare services for families. Arizona medical care center is dedicated to providing comprehensive care for patients of all ages except children

Can I seek urgent care at Arizona Medical Center? 

No, we do not provide urgent care services but we do provide the same day appointments for you. Our experienced medical team is here to address your urgent healthcare needs promptly and professionally.

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